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Roomba, The Spying Cleaning Robot

It might be hard to believe that a cleaning robot is spying on you, and it may sound more like an argument of a paranoid movie character than real life. Unfortunately, smart appliances are increasingly becoming another instrument to collect data and sell it in the market. “The trend to have robots at home to […]

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Financial Scams Target Thousands of Seniors

An alarming number of senior adults are being victim to online financial fraud. Older people have been historically an extremely vulnerable population. Social workers and gerontologists agree on the fact that many senior citizens are financially abused by their relatives and other people close to them. However, never before was there such an alarming amount […]

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Privacy Concerns with Children Christmas Gifts

Thousands of Filipino teenagers and kids will be receiving for Christmas a smartphone, a tablet, a computer or other electronic devices that can connect to the internet. Technology is the coolest gift for children right now, but is it definitely a good idea for parents, teachers and adults in charge to be able to guide […]

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Work at Home: The New Bait for Scams in the Philippines

In today’s world it is not uncommon anymore to find companies that have their employees work from home. In fact, many companies in the Philippines are now moving to this new model because it represents great benefits:  it saves a lot of money in office space, power, and other necessary resources, and it helps retain […]

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