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Philippines Online Dating – How to Stay Safe from Scams

Philippines Online Dating – How to Stay Safe from Scams

Dating online is a challenging task. It is not easy to find people you really like or that you are honestly interested in, so most online dating users spend a great amount of time in trying to find their perfect match. The bad news is, few people dedicate any time, effort or even thought to prevent online dating scams. If you are dating a Filipina online and you aren’t a little concerned about online con artists, you should be.   Ignoring the risk and hoping for the best can be a costly mistake.

The number of victims of dating scams in the Philippines has risen in the last few years and there appears to be no foreseeable end to this problem.  As online dating has become more popular and mainstream, and more and more dating sites are cropping up, the risks of falling prey to greedy scammers is becoming greater. Although authorities and international organizations are working together to fight this phenomenon, online criminals have many points scored already and it will be hard to catch up. Online dating users and people who have met someone through social media should be aware not only of the risks, but also that prevention is their responsibility.

So how can you tell the fake profiles from the real ones?

There is no need to say that knowing the fake people from the real people is the fact that makes all the difference. Many sites online give advice on how to spot fake profiles on social media and dating websites. But, it is not that simple to find out the truth.

Philippines investigators recommend people who are dating someone online to find professional help for the verification process. With the internet, many people think it is easy to just look up a person online and find the truth. But there is not much reliable information around the web, and chances are you will end up spending a lot of time and effort and finding nothing of real value.

In fact, technology and dating apps have triggered online dating scam in the Philippines, worsening the problem. With Philippines romance scammers, the best is to have a local investigator check on every piece of information directly at the local authorities and pertaining sources, like employers or schools. Real and reliable evidence is the only way to know who is real and who is not.

Other tips to stay safe

Philippines romance scammers are very clever and skillful with manipulating people. Philippines investigators have found that in many cases, after conducting a background check in Manila or the region of origin of the subject, the results are positive. The person is who she claims to be. But beware! It is common to find in the Philippines that romance scammers are not stealing anybody else´s identity or inventing one, they are true people and they are honest about their names and personal information, but not about the circumstances in which they live. Many are married and with children, and they may be backed up by their own spouses and family because scamming a foreigner brings money into household. Investigators from the Philippine PI team have also reported cases in which the victims have personally met with the subject and have spent a few days living their romance dream, just to find out too late that they were being used only for financial gain.

So step number one in staying safe is hiring a professional investigator in the Philippines to conduct a background check, and if everything seems legit and you are planning any big steps, surveillance would be the right step two. Additional precaution won´t hurt and it could give you more information to help avoid scams and take wiser decisions! Be informed and stay safe.

The only way to stop fraud is by using the right tools to prevent fraud from happening. Once you´ve been a victim, it may be a little too late. Get the evidence you need as soon as possible.  Philippine PI offers professional and complete background check investigations.  Contact us!

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