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Philippines Background Checks – Don’t Hire a Fake Private Investigator

Philippines Background Checks – Don’t Hire a Fake Private Investigator

The main reason to hire a professional investigator to conduct a background check investigation is to discard fraud and scams, but people who hire this service in the Philippines encounter a double challenge: finding a legitimate and reputable investigator who can do the work.

There are very few professional, trained and reputable investigators in the Philippines. Unfortunately, most of the claimed investigators are not even investigators at all and have no intention of conducting a background check or investigation. Their only goal is to cash the money, so they will use fake websites and internet content created by themselves to attract victims.

The first thing to consider when hiring a private investigation company (or any other service) is that you need to do some research. When researching online, check out the website, reviews and references that may appear in the media. Check for certifications that guarantee good business practices and international business partners that support the company’s reputation. Philippine PI™ is verified by McAfee and has an A+ Rating with the U.S. Better Business Bureau, and is also a Global Partner of Wymoo International. All these facts are verifiable and add up to a positive score. Researching this information will help you recognize the true investigation companies from the fake.

The next step is to contact the investigators and ask a lot of questions. Make sure you’re dealing with experts with proper training, equipment and resources. Most of those who claim to be private investigators in the Philippines have no proper training or experience in the field. The result of hiring someone without the expertise is that the investigation can be severely compromised.

Confidentiality and discretion are extremely important in these cases, and without a real guarantee of confidentiality clients could even be at risk. Besides, investigators also need to have access to the information required. A background check investigation in Manila cannot be accomplished without contacts in the government offices, or without knowledge of the regulations and authorities involved. As incredible as it may seem, some claimed investigators are not even on the ground and they don’t speak the language.  They have no equipment, experience or training at all!

It takes a professional on the ground to uncover the evidence you need. Someone who knows the language and the country’s laws, the administration offices, the national procedures, and of course who is professionally trained with proper equipment and resources.  If you’re shopping for an attorney, you’d probably want someone who went to law school and who passed the Bar exam.  When shopping for a private investigator, remember to demand the same level of professionalism.

It is also important to request information about the payment methods accepted.  Never pay a so-called investigator by Western Union or Bitcoin.   Many scammers will steal your money and not even attempt to do the work.  Keep in mind that cash and cryptocurrencies are gone once you send, and there is no way to track what happened with that money, or to request a refund. Fake private investigators use these kind of payment methods to disappear with the money and leave no trace.

Don’t choose the cheapest service or person you can find.  Hire the right company to do the job right the first time. With over 15 years of experience and a proven track record, Philippine PI™ can deliver the results you need, and treat your case in a discreet and confidential manner.

To be safe, contact us to discuss your case and get a free investigation quote.

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