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When and Who to Hire for Infidelity Surveillance in Philippines

When and Who to Hire for Infidelity Surveillance in Philippines

Confirming whether a spouse or partner is having an extramarital affair is one frequent reason why Philippines private investigators are hired. Many foreigners -especially men who travel for business reasons- find in the Philippines the perfect spot to have an affair, as women are globally known to be very attractive and given the distance, most think no one will ever find out. The other common case is infidelity in long distance relationships between a foreign man and a Filipina, many of which are not totally engaged in the relationship and are only looking for a financial benefit.

The information uncovered during a surveillance investigation can be used for a number of reasons, like having evidence to file a divorce case. Surveillance in the Philippines can be helpful to prove that the spouse was at fault, that family money was spent in the affair partner, or even help with child custody cases and more. Private investigators have effective resources at their disposal to help uncover crucial information.

For someone who has never hired a private investigator it might seem a little frightening. Infidelity surveillance cases are very sensitive in nature, not only because of what being unfaithful implies and the emotional involvement, but also because surveillance needs to be conducted by expert professionals in the field, or else it can ruin the evidence.

Most of the times the worried husband or wife who suspects the other partner is having an affair and simply wants to corroborate the facts so that he or she may decide whether or not to stay in the relationship.  Many people suspect something, but need evidence.

When to consider hiring surveillance?

Whenever there are doubts. Sometimes there are many red flags alerting that something is wrong, like going out too much, frequent requests for cash or money disappearing from bank accounts with no explanation. Every couple is different, but most people will easily notice an uncommon behavior in their partner and when this happens the best way to confirm is to hire a professional investigator to conduct surveillance. When it’s done by a real professional, the investigation will remain discreet and confidential. If surveillance proves the doubts were wrong, then the spouse can move forward with peace of mind. If infidelity is uncovered, the spouse will have the necessary information to make an informed decision for their best.  Get the facts about a relationship so you know for certain.

Who to hire for the investigation?

Selecting the right private investigation firm is crucial to obtain reliable evidence. Experienced investigators can keep the surveillance under the most discreet manner, without tipping off the subject. Philippine PI investigators have over 15 years of experience in the field and are local professionals who know the language and many locations within the country.  Our entire team consists of investigators with a proven track record.

A final consideration to keep in mind when hiring a private investigator to look into infidelity is that the cheating spouse is not within the private investigator’s control. If the cheater has decided not to pursue the affair while the investigation is undergoing, the adultery might not be confirmed. To prevent this from happening, investigators recommend at least three days of surveillance and to consider that an extension might be necessary.

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